Online Workspace

Create an online workplace in the cloud for your employees or yourself in just a few minutes. Your employees can work safely from anywhere on any device.

Directly deliverable
Access from everywhere

Choose Your Online Workspace Plan

Take your seat, choose a plan. Work where you want, and whenever want. With your workspace in the cloud, you will have immediate access to your files or applications from anywhere on any device. All our online workspace plans are directly deliverable, which means you will be able to work in the cloud instantly right after your order. Your online workspace in the Netherlands is available from € 29.00 a month.

Description comfortComfort deluxeDeluxe grandGrand
Data Encryption
Firewall Protection
Data in the Netherlands
Daily Backup in the EU

Applications in the Cloud
Apache OpenOffice
MS Office 365 Business Premium

MS Office on own PC/Laptop
Hosted Exchange
Encrypted VPN-connections Optional
Two-factor Authentication Optional Optional
Custom Software Install Optional Optional
SSDOnly Storage per user 25GB 50GB 100GB
SSDOnly Storage per organization 50GB 100GB 200GB
1TB OneDrive Storage
Monthly Price € 29.00
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€ 39.20
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€ 99.00*
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Data Encryption
Anti-virus (Sophos)
Firewall Protection
Daily Backup
Data in the Netherlands
2fa Duo Security
Applications in de Cloud
Apache OpenOffice
MS Office 365 Premium
MS Office on own PC/Laptop
Hosted Exchange
Encrypted VPN-connections
Custom Software Install
SSDOnly Storage per user
25GB 50GB 100GB
SSDOnly Storage per organization
50GB 100GB 200GB
1TB OneDrive Storage
Monthly Price
€ 29.00 € 23.20 € 49.00 € 39.20 € 99.00 € 79.20*
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*Minimal order for Grand Snel Workspace is 5 users

Your work environment is always available,
no matter where you are

Your workspace online offers everything you need to work safely from anywhere on any device. Whether you need to have quick access to your Office 365 files or finish your work on mobile while traveling - it is all possible with your Snel workplace login. Your files and programs are stored in the cloud so you can securely log in, get back to work instantly and pick up where you left off. Your online desktop from allows you to turn any computer into your online workspace. All our workspace plans are ready for use within a few minutes, so you no longer have to invest in new servers, computers or software. Your online desktop in the cloud will be completely installed with Windows and other programs depending on your chosen plan.



Why use Online Workspace?


Reducing Costs

Your Windows workspace will help you to reduce your IT investments. Our plans provide all the necessary needs to create an online workplace. So there is no need to invest in desktops, software or other resources.


Directly Deliverable

Unlike other online workplace plans, our plans are directly deliverable. We deliver a complete installed online workspace in just a few minutes. After the installation, you will receive a login and this will give you direct access to your own desktop, programs or files.


Fast and Stable environment

Your online workplace from is fast and stable because all of our online desktops are built with powerful SSD drives. Consequently, you will have a powerful online desktop in the cloud.

The best Online Workspace Features

Available from anywhere on any device

Your online desktop will provide you and your employee's access to programs and applications from anywhere on any device, tablet, or mobile phone.

Work remotely side-by-side

Your cloud workspace allows you to work together with your colleagues remotely as if you were side by side. Your employees can work from home or office at all times during the day which will positively affect your company’s productivity.

Flexible and Scalable

Standard solutions aren’t always flexible enough. Our workspaces are flexible and scalable. If you need custom installation on your online desktop or if you want to upgrade your plan this can be done easily.

Data stored in NL and EU

Your data is safely stored in the Netherlands and Europe. You can rest assured that your data will never be offered or sold to third parties. Furthermore, the backup of your data is only stored in Europe.

Always up-to-date

Don't wait any longer until your system administrator has time to install or perform updates on your applications or programs. We do this for you without additional costs.

Highly secured and Encrypted Data

Your Windows workspace in the cloud is highly secured thanks to our powerful firewall. We use Sophos Windows Server protection in order to reduce the risk of data vulnerability. Your data is also encrypted so there is a safe connection to all of your stored files in every environment.

100% Uptime

Our online workspace plans are reliable, secure and stable. We provide 100% Uptime guarantee so you can rely on our powerful services.

Office 365, Reliable business email

Your business email will be available in a trusted Outlook environment that is accessible from your desktop. We will install the latest Office 365 programs on your online desktop so you can work from anywhere on any device with Office 365 programs.


1 TB OneDrive Storage

With 1 TB secured OneDrive you have a huge storage space in the cloud. This way, you can access all your recent files on any computer and easily share them with others. RDS Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Looking for a Custom Online Workspace?

We accept the challenge! Even though we think that our workspaces will suit your needs, it is possible to build a Custom online workspace. All you need to do is to contact our Sales Team and they will contact you within one working day.