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Upgrade Your Cloud VPS Anytime

Looking for a change? If your current Cloud VPS plan doesn’t fit your needs anymore, you may consider changing to a plan that suits your needs or you can upgrade the hardware of your server in order to increase its performance.

In order to change or upgrade your hard disks, private switches or bandwidth, all you need to do is to send us an email. Once we have received your request it will only take us 1 – 3 working days to upgrade your Cloud VPS. Find out more about our upgrade pricing below.

Upgrade Pricing



CPU Cores Monthly Price Setup Fee
Per 1 CPU Core € 5.00 € 0.00

Memory ECC-Registered Monthly Price Setup Fee
Per 1GB RAM € 5.00 € 0.00

SSDOnly Storage Monthly Price Setup Fee
Per 100GB SSDOnly € 5.00 € 0.00

Snapshots Monthly Price Setup Fee
Per 1 Snapshot € 5.00 € 0.00